Brand Story

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect trimmer and shaver for all your hair removal needs.  Like us, you may have poured money down the drain using disposable razors and run-of-the-mill electric shavers, only to be disappointed each and every time.  We quickly realized that we needed something that could just simply do it all so we had more time to chase our dreams.  Out of this need, XTRIMMING was born—a world-class groomer that streamlines hair care with comfortable handling. Whether you are a busy entrepreneur that has no time to waste or a jet setter that always needs to look polished, our premium design is sure to impress. 

Our passion for men’s grooming stems from realizing that when you look your best, you feel your best.  Step into the shoes of your most confident self with a fresh shave, fade, or trim. At XTRIMMING, we truly hope our device helps you understand that grooming should feel luxurious and never like a chore. Our revolutionary product after years of learning about the most delicate areas of the skin followed by careful development and engineering phases, we came up with the ultimate solution to a ubiquitous problem. XTRIMMING delivers a clean,  close, and  careful  shave  for  both  face  and  body, ensuring  your  skin  feels  smooth  and  protected.